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Time is a studio jazz recording with live performances. A jazz recording that allowed the musicians to react emotionally, harmonically and rhythmically in a live situation and have a musical conversation during each performance.

Time features some great jazz artists including Steve Kessler, James "Saxsmo" Gates, Skip Gailes, Keith Horne, Carl Lester, Chad Gustafson, Kevin Davis and Matt Hall.

Time was recorded in the studio live with little or no overdubs. I wanted an ensemble recording with some of my favorite tunes with some of my favorite players. I think you'll agree that with the help of some of the finest musicians around that we accomplished just that.

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I hope you enjoy this recording as much as I did making it.

Press for "Time"

"Kip manages to stay the course with traditional elements but defines them his way... consequently putting a freshness on the familiar. That's a sign of a seasoned artist that's lived enough to know the importance of connecting to the history but smart enough to know not to solely repeat it."
Jae Sinnett - WHRV 89.5FM NPR
"Williams is propulsive, sharply focused and unfailingly supportive."
Peter McElhinney - Style Weekly
"His playing matches his personality: a bright spirit who marries the limitless enthusiasm of a child with the maturity of a pro."
Dean Christesen - RVAnews.com

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